Academic papers in natural science are published mainly for the Journal (Natural Science Edition) of Kunming University of Science and Technology. To contribute for the convenience of the researchers in china and abroad, now related information is informed as follows:

1 Brief Introduction of the Journal

Journal (Natural Science Edition) of Kunming University of Science and Technology is a comprehensive academic journal of colleges and universities in natural science, be in charge of Yunnan province education department and sponsored by Kunming University of Science and Technology. The journal was founded in 1959, the serial number is ISSN 1007-855 / X / CN 53-1223 / N, the publication period is bimonthly, public offerings in China and abroad, the post office subscription code is 64-79; Now it is a national Chinese core journal, Chinese core journal of RCCSE (A), Chinese core journal in science and technology, Chinese excellent science and technology journal of colleges and universities, source journal of science citation database, statistical source journal of scientific papers of China, journal collected by comprehensive evaluation database of Chinese academic journals, by Chemical Abstract and Cambridge Science Digest of the United States, by The Physics and Electric Technology, Computer and Control Information Database of the United Kingdom, by Abstract Journal of Russian, by Copernicus Index of Poland, by Mathematics Abstract of China, by Physics Abstract of China, by Inorganic Chemical Abstract of China, by Electronic Science and Technology Abstract, by databases of CNKI, WANFANG, WEIPU, LONGYUAN, HUAYI and so on; It successively won the honors to the “CAJ-CD Specification Execution Excellence Award” of China academic journal, “Outstanding Editorial Quality Prize” of the ministry of education, “Excellent Journal Award” in Yunnan province, “Excellent Column Award” in Yunnan province and “The Second Prize of China Nonferrous Metals Publications Award”.

2 Columns Setup

 The journal mainly has 10 columns, including “Non-ferrous Metals Metallurgy Science and Technology” as the key to build characteristic column. Each column scope is as follows:

1) Non-ferrous Metals Metallurgy Science and Technology: related basic theories and new techno-

logies in non-ferrous metals (heavy metals, light metals, precious metals and rare metals) metallurgical production process.

2) Materials Science and Engineering: new materials preparation and processing technology, material structure and performance relation and basic physics, chemistry, material characterization and modeling, nanometer material and low dimension materials science and technology.

3) Geoscience and Mineral Engineering: geology; geography; mining engineering technology (exploration, mining, mineral processing, mine safety); surveying and mapping science and technology (including measuring, surveying and mapping, remote sensing, geographic information system); land resources and engineering.

 4) Civil Architectural Engineering and Transportation: civil architectural engineering; transportation.

5) Machinery, Electronic Information and Automatic Control: mechanical engineering; electronic, communication and automatic control technology; information science and processing technology; computer science and technology.

6) Energy and Power Science: biomass energy; clean energy; fossil energy; renewable energy; generation, storage, transmission and transformation of energy power; smart grid and power safety; thermal engineering.

7) Life Science and Medicine: biology; medicine; clinical Medicine and pharmacy.

8) Environmental Science, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering: environmental science and technology; chemistry; chemical engineering (including light industry, food).

9) Management Science and Engineering: the management strategy and the optimization countermeasures; information technology and management; theory and technology; project management; quality engineering and quality management; knowledge management; supply chain management; decision theory and technology; industrial engineering; financial engineering; systems engineering; management complexity; forecasting theory and technology; scientific management ideas and management theory; risk management; assessment theory and method; quantity economic theory and methods; service management; emergency management theory and method; technology and innovation management; e-commerce technology, etc.

10) Mathematics and Mechanics: mathematics; mechanics (including structural mechanics, material mechanics, engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, etc.).

3 Contribution Items

1) To submit paper by electronic network of the journal, the author can log in the websitehttp://kmlg.cbpt.cnki.netof Journal (Natural Science Edition) of Kunming University of Science and Technology and contribute in “The Author Submission System”.

2) Please visit our website to see the "Submission Guideline" or "Submission Introduction" for specific requirements and format specifications, or consult through contact information released by our website.  

3) Attention please, we never authorized any unit or individual to do the so-called cooperation running journal or agent business activities, please survey clear accurate contact information released by our website before submission to beware deceived.

4 Contact Ways

1) Contact for Official Businesses

Office Space: Room 802, Student’ Affairs Center, Chenggong Campus of Kunming University of Science and Technology.

Postal Address: Editorial Department of Journal of Kunming University and Science and Technology, No. 727, Jingming South Road, Chenggong, Kunming, China.

Postal Code: 650500

Office Tel: +86-871-65920021

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2) Contact for Submission

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Geoscience and Mineral Engineering

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Machinery, Electronic Information and Automatic Control

Environmental Science, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Non-ferrous Metals Metallurgy Science and Technology

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Energy and Power Science

Life Science and Medicine

Materials Science and Engineering

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Civil Architectural Engineering and Transportation

Management Science and Engineering

Mathematics and Mechanics